Mexican - Corona And Amalfi Furniture - Waxed Range.

Corona 2 Door Display Unit/Bookcase

Corona 2 Door Display Unit/Bookcase £129

Distressed Waxed Pine.

W810mm x D440mm x H1820mm

Fantastic price for a fantastic product.

RRP £189 Our price only £129 but not for too much longer.


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This Corona 2 door Display unit/bookcase  is solid pine,with an attractive distressed waxed pine finish. This is a superior finish to the light waxed corona range. The lighter range has an apperance similar to natural wood colour, and as a result is prone to becoming dirty, and whilst okay as a complete bedroom set, is a second favourite to this darker range.
The darker distressed range has a tendency to become lighter with time when exposed to sunlight.
The cluster of black dots, caused by a hot hedghog  causes some distress to customers when it is first seen, and some jump to the conclusion that it is wood worm, when it is in fact a design feature puposely used to provide character to the range. It is acheived by using a hot iron, and the feature occurs in fixed locations on certain items.
The large round nails, the thick hinges and distinctive handles are all distinctive features which add to the ranges character. There are other corona ranges on the market, but they can come in lsightly different stains, and have different hinge and handle designs. Look carefully at their styling if you are trying to match the furniture with existing items. Even our own range can vary slightly in colour depending on how much wax is used, but also how long the item has been in sunlight.
When assembling please place the furniture on a soft blanket to prevent the furniture getting scratched. Also when assembling the furniture, you will find dowels that stop the drawers coming out all the way. These can be a nuisance if you assemble the furniture in another room such as down stairs, it is only when it is assembled do you realise how heavy the furniture is, and you may want to take the drawers out to make the item lighter.